Natalia Kapchuk in South Korea’s Czong Institute for Contemporary Art

Carbon Clouds by Natalia Kapchuk
Carbon Clouds by Natalia Kapchuk
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Work of eco-artist, environmentalist, and philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk exhibited in the M-Gallery in South Korea’s Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA).

The select pieces are from the latest series «The Lost Planet» (2021), which had been launched in October 2021 at the Unit X art space in London.

As the current climate crisis continues, the resounding message of environmental awareness and sustainability is needed more than ever. For Natalia Kapchuk this sentiment takes the central stage. Her passion for creating captivating works of art lies beyond a mere means of expression but is used as an opportunity to make a difference.

Natalia Kapchuk’s environmental mixed-media artworks tap into the unbridled beauty of our planet juxtaposed to the destructive forces of human activity.

Having showcased «The Lost Planet» series across various events, fairs, and solo/group exhibitions in numerous countries (such as UK, USA, UAE, India), bringing select works to South Korea was an easy choice to make for artist.

South Korea has a population of 51 million people, with its capital of Seoul being one of the largest cities in the world. Due to the rapid rise of its industrialization, South Korea has created many environmental issues for its nation, including poor air quality, nuclear waste disposal concerns, clean water protection and access, etc.

The exhibition drew large crowds during its residency, attracting people of all ages. In addition to thought-provoking video installation, Natalia Kapchuk’s physical and digital artworks reflect some of the pressing concerns facing our planet today.

For example, the featured piece «Carbon Clouds» (2021), underscores the plague of air pollution, its primary culprits, and the far-reaching consequences of poor air quality.

Additionally, the piece «Yin and Yang» (2019), also featured, foreshadows the imminent depletion of natural resources leaving behind barren desert-like territories for generations to come.

«Art has a way of piercing the soul, speaking to those places we often lock away. Through the power of art I want to open those doors, uncovering emotions and glimmers of hope. With «The Lost Planet» exhibition, I want to spread awareness and show that there is always an opportunity to improve the environmental status of our beloved planet», — said Natalia Kapchuk, who is also an ambassador at The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports (UK) and the Better World Fund (BWF).

In her works Natalia uses naturally resourced and industrial materials. The artist utilizes mediums such as tree bark, sand, stones, and fermented moss with polymers, resi-crete, gilding, metal chips, and plastic. Incorporating varying techniques, Kapchuk also creates works using up-cycled plastics collected from various places during her travels.

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