Aston Martin — Timeless Sporty Chic

Author: Bernhardt van De Kerkoff


All vehiceles that lay claim to the proud title of “supercar” possess certain key characteristics — Power. Luxury. Exclusivity. When it comes to an Aston Martin, aesthetic elegance and driver comfort take priority over technical performance, but make no mistake with every second spent behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, you will feel the power of a sports car in all its glory

Aston Martin range

Aston Martin, Wings Of Desire … And Pleasure.

On the big screen, even a car can be invested with a certain character if portrayed in a certain light. We have long been familar with the fictional British spy James Bond and his famed infidelities. Certainly not the most faithful or loyal of men, but yet someohow this secret agent has always remained loyal to a car? The enduring on screen love affair between Aston Martin and Bond began long ago, in 1964 with the DB5, which made its debut appearance in the movie Goldfinger and also featured in the epic follow-up Thunderball. Aston Martin’s presence in the Bond franchise has continued through decades to this day, with the iconic brand’s vehicles featuring in every movie since. The DB5 was succeeded by the DBS in 1969, and then later by the V12 Vanquish in 2012’s Die Another Day. Bond then returned to the DBS in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. The most recent film Spectre sees the current James Bond portrayed by Daniel Craig — who’s performances have been credited with redefining the role through a mixture of steely composure and brooding anger — sitting behind the wheel of the magnificent, especially designed for Bond DB10. After 24 movies spanning over 50 years, we have seen James Bond with many exotic Aston Martin models and we can certainly expect to see him behind the wheel of many more in the future. Perhaps the famous One 77 of which only 77 were produced? Or the new DB11, unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show? Perhaps the DBX concept car, a powerful luxury 4X4 planned for a 2019 release and manufactured at a new plant in Wales. Or even at the helm of Aston Martin’s new boat, the AM37, first presented in September at the Monaco Yacht Show. Made in Océane color, from carbon fiber, finished with wood detailing, and two motors at 550 l/s, our favorite spy could easily escape across the Mediterranean’s glistening clear waters from any pursuers at a top speed of 90 KMH. And of course, all in the company of 7 Bond girls. For a spy fear is not an option, so the AM37’s two million Euro price tag would be unlikely to scare Bond off.

Aston Martin AM-37

Aston Martin AM-37
Aston Martin AM-37

Aston Martin AM-37

Aston Martin AM-37

Elegance of Ages

If made into a film the history of Aston Martin would provide material for a story. It began in 1910 with a man named Lionel Martin, who earned his living as a car mechanic in the affluent neighborhood of Kensington, London. A passionate lover of cars and racing competitions, he collected a prototype car called the Coal Scuttle, with his friend Robert Bamford which overlooks the coast competitions Aston Clinton against the formidable Bugatti. This is where the legend took flight — the winning car was immediately renamed Aston Martin, and the hood decorated with the victorious RAF wings, the central motif of what was to become an iconic emblem. However the story is not one of continuous triumph without difficulty — in spite of striking success in competitive racing, Aston Martin has suffered huge losses at moments in its history, surviving only due to the aid of supportive and generous benefactors. The intervention of David Brown, owner of Lagonda, was a decisive turning point in Aston Martin’s history and was quickly followed by a victory at the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1948. Aston Martin’s now legendary DBR models were first manufactured in 1959. These cars will forever remain in the hearts and collective memory of fans, but of course the story does not end here. There has been the DBS, the Volante, the Vantage , the DB7, then in 2007 the company’s ownership passed into the hands of Kuwaiti investors and a consortium led by former world rally champion David Richards.

Aston Martin - DB4

Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5


Lionel Martin and early car at Brooklands 1921—1922



Sean Connery with the DB5 Credited to Aston Martin

An Outstanding Catalog

Even though ownership of Aston Martin has changed hands on several occasions, all owners have respected the brand, and understood the value of preserving its heritage and prestige. And we must pay tribute to this — each owner has played a pivotal part in making the Aston Martin brand what it is today — celebrated and established but also ready for a new, interesting and colorful chapter in its story. A striking example of that would be its first four door model, released in 2010 to mark the 100th anniversary. Well, it is “first four door”, if we don’t count models developed by Lagonda in the eighties. After that other concerns started to produce similar models — Ferrari with their FF (and now GT4C Lusso), Maserati with Quattroporte, Porsche with its Panamera. Inside the catalog, which is in itself stunningly beautiful, you will find all of the models developed by Aston Martin’s Head Designer Marek Reichmann. The Rapide is the model among Aston Martin’s range that sits most comfortably in the family niche. Its latest iteration, the Rapide S, boasts a V12 engine 552 l/s (630 nm) which can reach 0 to 62 MPH in 4.2 seconds. It also presents the Vantage S, in both coupe and roadster versions with either V12 or V8 engines (N430), and two different GT forms inspired by racing cars — the racing inspired GT 12 of which only 100 were made, and the race proven GT8, of which only 150 were made. Both the GT12 and GT8 were feature spoilers, flowing muscular forms and vibrant colors. The Vanquish comes in both coupe and Volante (convertible) versions, as does the DB-9 GT and eventually the bold DB11 which is still the production with the first deliveries expected in coming months.

Olga Mayr & Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9. Главный редактор «Русской Рулетки» передвигается исключительно на машине Этой марки


Bernhardt avec la N430 V8 en Provence

Motors, that Also Have Wings

Even aside from this extraordinary story of excellence, Aston Martin is known first and foremost for its exceptional engines — exceptional in the truest sense of the word — which have powered the company’s great achievements in competitive motorsport, such as the 550 l / s V12 engine in the DB9 and DBRS9. As they say, who are capable of more capable and less, even if this is the “lesser” for most of the other — an unattainable maximum. Just like the DB9 GT’s 6 litre engine which at 540 l/s, can reach speeds of up to 183 MPH / 295 KMH and accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH/100 KMH in 4.5 seconds. The V12 Vantage S coupé is equipped with a larger capacity 571 l / s (instead of 517), higher torque (620 Nm), greater acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 sec, and a top speed of 205 MPH. The Roadster version is slightly inferior – 620 nm, 0-60 MPH in 3.9 sec and a top speed of 201 MPH. The V8 (N430) — offers good performance with 430 l / s, 0 to 62 MPH in 4.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 190 MPH for both the coupe and convertible models. The Rapide, larger in size and volume (1990 kg) differs significantly due to its size, the presence of 4 doors, 4 seats, and a more spacious luggage compartment (300 liters). It has a V12 engine (power up to 552 l/s) but the extra size also affects performance (from 0 to 62 MPH in 4.2 seconds and top speed of 203 MPH). The Vanquish boasts excellent performance, all with the same V12: 568 l / s, 0 to 60 MPH in 3.6 seconds, top speed 201 MPH … and to lift a little the veil from a future that awaits in 2018 — the DB 11, which will have a V12 BiTurbo engine reaches 600 l / s, with torque of 700 Nm, from 0 to 62 MPH in 3.9 seconds. As for the One 77, its performance gives flight to fantasy (the V12, modified to a capacity of 7.3 liters 700 l / s (750Nm), and a top speed of over 350 KMH. But the lovers of such thrills can only dream — even taking into account the €1 200 000 cost, the entire production run were sold out in just a couple of months! The only drawback of this model is considered to be its manual transmission, which is not as responsive as drivers of such a high performance caar might expect. Competing models in the same performance class from Lamborghini, Ferrari, the Audi R8, and Jaguar F Type R all feature a more efficient transmission with double clutch. Let’s leave it for the future DB 11!

Aston MartinAston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

But it is not only the engines!

Aston Martin leather

This brand cannot be considered truly English without its trademark finishing and exquisite attention to detail, elements which have become an essential part of Aston Martin’s style and identity. As standard, production models are available in 10 different colors, but buyers can also opt for a personalised custom color choice. The interiors are arranged entirely by hand, and a wide range of interior trim options are available — you can choose from over 40 varieties of color and material types. You should know that since 2004, no two completely similar DB9 cars have been produced! And you will also have to show patience when buying an Aston Martin — it takes 6 months before your custom car is delivered. Yes, what happiness have to wait long. You want more of something special? Then go home ason Martin, in London, and do not forget to make an appointment with the famous tailor Jeremy Hackett. Only here can you a place a special order for your most important accessories — shoes, purse, case — to be made from the very same materials that you have chosen for the interior of your Aston Martin. On a wave of success, Taylor even created the special “capsule” collection, so that your suit was properly selected. In anticipation of this part of the order, you insert a key made from compacted glass (original, but not always practical) into the ignition and a simple click awakens the engine’s cylinders from its sleep. You will appreciate and enjoy both the sound created and the feel of the cabin — pleasant, elegant and at the same time, simple and comfortable — the exact same qualities of an admirable gentleman. And when you find yourself behind the wheel of this car, you must take time to use the Bang and Olufsen sound system — it will give you a whole new understanding of acoustic quality, as you enjoy a melody while the motor growls. But most importantly, do not forget that only Her Majesty’s famous spy is permitted to race with police vehicles on the road — remember this is not a movie!

Price (from):

Vanquish S — 259 926 € (Volante — 275 051 €)

Vantage S V8 Coupé — 120 011 € (Roadster — 132 912 €)

Vantage S V12 Coupé — 184 643 € (Roadster — 196 744 €)

Rapide S V12 — 197 455 €

DB 9 GT — 190 000 € (Volante — 203 500 €)

DB11 — 206 430 €


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Roger Dubuis
Roger Dubuis
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